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New Opening: Sale & Purchase GmbH

We are pleased to announce the founding of ONE WORLD SHIPBROKERS Sale and Purchase GmbH

Welcome to Mr John Hinrichsen as its Managing Partner.

Building on the success of One World Shipbrokers’ inaugural year, John joins the company at a very active moment in the sale & purchase markets and brings with him more than 20 years of dedicated experience and knowledge with which to continue building a leading market presence for One World Shipbrokers.
‘This is really an exciting step for me’ says John. ‘One World Shipbrokers are a new company, but they are ambitious and growing. With the establishment One World, Sale and Purchase we aim to offer a tailored high capability broking service together with analysis, market reports and valuations, and I’m looking forward to welcoming clients old and new across the world.’


John Hinrichsen, Managing Partner.


John is a proud Hamburg man and a dedicated Sale and Purchase broker with more than 20 years experience. After training in Hamburg and in the City of London he returned to his native city in the late 1990’s to take the helm of the family shipbroking firm Hinrichsen & Co. In the ensuing years, John has been Managing Director of several Hamburg based shipbroking companies, most recently United Maritime Brokers GmbH, and has facilitated many second hand and newbuilding sales of container, bulker and tanker units as well as of niche types such as reefer, offshore and MPP. He is also an experienced demolition broker.


One World Shipbrokers was founded in Hamburg in January 2021 by Justin Archard and Simon Guthrie with the aim of establishing an independent shipbroking house underpinned with a specialty in breakbulk / MPP. With more than 3 decades of experience and a global network of agents and partners, One World Shipbrokers builds trust with clients through objectivity and value-based consultancy.


Written by Justin Archard

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