One World Sale & Purchase

Providing a high capability service and built on extensive knowledge, decades of experience and an eye for detail, One World, Sale & Purchase partners buyers and sellers in completing transactions that help grow their business.

Sale & Purchase

Secondhand sale and purchase is our core business. We offer clients a personal service tailored to achieve the best outcomes in often volatile market surroundings. Through our global network of owners, buyers, financial institutions, and brokers we cover all vessel segments including container, bulk, and tanker as well as niche segments such as MPP reefer and offshore.



With decades of expertise and working relationships with shipyards across the world we provide clients with partnership and support through all phases of their newbuilding project.





Demolition & Recycling

The final voyage of any ship is an important one. Over the years our experienced team have helped clients to successfully deliver many vessels for breaking and recycling.






Ship valuations are an integral part of a shipbrokers Sale and Purchase work. We are always up to date with past and present market information so we can provide clients with accurate and independent valuations for all shipping segments.